For you and I

Dear friend,

We both know that you and I can never give enough thanks or repay even close to a drop of water in the ocean to all the mercy of Allah. I cannot even express enough to what His mercy have done upon our past, present and future. But if only I could give this feeling of thankfulness and love and fear out of love and hope for betterment of Allah, to you, so that you will also want to love Him more as much as you and I can. And So that you and I would yearn for His love and mercy.

Why do you and I only seek Allah wholeheartedly when things go wrong? When what we planned didn't go the way we want? When we only strive for goodness only for ourselves while He did everything for us and not for Himself? Why can't we just give in and let go of the things that take us away from getting near Him? Why can't we start with Him?

I want to regret. Regret for all those little seconds that I did not spend upon the path of my Lord.
I want to punish. Punish myself for all those energy wasted not to fight for the love of Him, a battle so much worth fighting for.
I want to go back. Go back in time to make up for all the lost that I've done for throwing away what He gave me out of His mercy.

But I know, despite for all the regrets, punishments, and corrections. Allah will still forgive us for He is Al-Ghaffur (the most forgiving)

So I'm standing here without any purpose but to ask Allah to forgive you and I for the good things and for the bad things if you and I didn't give thanks enough through our words and actions. And to let other friends of us taste the sweetness of His mercy because I have no idea why would you and I want to disobey Him if only you and I knew the magnitude of His love and mercy and for all the things that He did, do or will do to you and I.

I'm not here to act pious, but I want you and I to at least be an inch closer to Him so that you and I can taste the sweetness of Iman which I can never make you understand nor comprehend unless you experience.
I'm not here to make you feel bad or threaten but I dont want you and I to lose this treasure, this power of Iman which can get us through thick and thins, rise and fall anything the world has to offer,
If only you and I knew the degree of Allah's love to us.

So, can we start over our intentions for Him, with Him?

"None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself." (Hadith)

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Anonymous said...

so beautiful. Allah's mercy is so vast. Do not lose hope in Him. He knows our struggle.. For as long as our intention is for His sake.. InshaAllah He will guide us all.
May Allah shower His mercy and blessing upon you..