pemikiran dalam anjakan paradigma

The impossibleness of getting a dean list is an overrated ideology. Its not impossible, its just friggin'ly hard in a way that i need to nurture my organization of brain mind to develop thoroughly, sickly, annoyingly and fatally. is that just too much?. Concentration in class does have its own graphs of ups and downs. The only thing that stucks the impossibleness on it is how to istiqamahly teach our brain to actually focus in class - take each and every prominent notes, heads up high on what is the lecturer teaching - probably that would be some of moderate ideas on how to tackle istiqamah problems. But when God decides that one day you'll fall sick - demam, batuk, etc. - would that be a constraints to perform your ideal focusing on class and determination of studies? Probably a big leap of paradigm would be needed to overcome the impossibleness. but hey, there's no harm in trying isn't it? the worst scenario could be head cramp or maybe brain disorder.haha.worth it.

curhat letter to God

i think i need taqwa. i need it so bad and i can barely breath without it.
if its even possible to grab it with my bare hands. i don't wanna let go.
it made me feel comforts never stops pushing me forward.
it tells me bedtime story before i went to kisses me goodnight. it helps me to sleep well every night
it pushes away any burden that comes around. or helps me cross the line of struggleness
it helps me to thank God when things goes well. or to feel redha when bad things passes by.
it leads my way. it gives me spirit. it gives me inspiration. it gives me mind-blowing ideas.
it wakes me up when i fell asleep.or loosen me up when i'm over the borders.
but if you can give me some help, just don't stop.ever.i need you the or tomorrow.

Thank You Allah.