Reality Check

First up, sorry for the 7-months hiatus. I wasn't exactly sure why. Is it because I'm not bothered at all to jot down something on the blog, or am I too hesitant in every draft I made. But, whatever.

Here's some of whats been goin' on for the past 6 months:

1. I was (or maybe still am somewhere inside) a person with quizzical minds. I question things too much, especially on things that I don't have or owned. Be thankful is not about accepting average decisions, or taking in on-par values. Its about cherishing what you have and go for even better things that you can achieve. I may have lacked this in some parts of my mind (or heart).

2. There was once a time back in January where I have lost faith in myself. I literally believed that it is impossible to succeed (academically) in my course. It is an inevitable state of mind. I couldn't care more or less. I just don't want to think. I was pragmatic. It wasn't the first time that I tried so hard and I failed. But hey, I guess bad things happen for a reason. I was stuck in between believing whether it was myself that's not good enough, or it is God's will. It was a turnover from the second that I made myself sure, I chose God.

3. Laziness is a disease. And that leads to procrastination. It had attempted to kill almost everything I had, I need or I want to have in life. God, put me away from this thing. It's kind of a funny thing, but procrastination is a cyclical process. I have been trying on and off to put it away and one conclusion that i can say; It all comes down to my Amal. Its weird, but the closer I am to God, the more I'm conscious of what I'm doing, and the more I stay away from procrastination. Cheers!

4. 4th Year is the year. I'll rule the world.