We got this far, we need to keep going.

The journey is long and the one that got that far is because they had the strength to overcome distractions. Internally we want to be strong but we got swayed away because we feed in to the distractions that led us to the delays in reaching our goals. Its sad, horrendous, pathetic but we did what we did, and we tend to do it again.

Look. Look how far we've come. 10 years strong. 25 years strong. Trials will be there today or tomorrow. Have steadfast. Persevere when times are tough, then we can say we reap of that which we earned. Don't submit to 'having' things. 'Earn' the things. Our downs of our lives is there to heighten our ranks.

Don't fight for the 'what ifs'. Fight for the 'what wills'. Because if God had will, you will have it. And God also wants that of what is great for you.

People want to be 'good enough'. But 'good enough' doesn't solve our problems. It delays the impacts. Choose 'amazing'. Choose 'great'. Choose 'beyond your enoughs'. 

Don't submit to money. It won't give you happiness. Don't submit to power. It won't give you control. Happiness comes from your choice of being happy. Power comes from your choice of being in control. What you already have today is happiness and power. Use it, cherish it, appreciate it, and make good of it. No. Make great of it.

I thought that when we idealize something, we need to do ideal things. No it is not. Do what you are capable and be ideally inside, but the product may not be ideal. The process of getting it ideal, thats what makes you ideal. Being ideal is to make mistakes and to learn from it and to make it better. Ideal things comes from doing nonideal things. If God wills, you will be ideal. So don't stop changing.

Words are powerful. But action what makes thing changes over time. Be that agent of change. People will say we are wrong. People will judge you, criticize you, change your change, and make you the 'norm'. Don't submit to 'norm'. Submit to actions that changes things for the better. This is Ihsaan, perfection aand change. Work as if someone important sees you and you see that someone. And let that someone be God. He will help you if you help him.

Be steadfast. We can say we want to do anything today, but maybe tomorrow we won't. Then if we want to do something, do it all the way. Don't be the halfwayers. Don't quit. What else we have got to lose? We will die anyway someday. That is why death is the best motivation.

We got this far. We need to keep going. There's no end. Because we don't dictate the end. God does. Then let us keep going until God says we've done it.