we can't just please everyone can we

Last week i wanted to watch a movie with some mateys and at the same time i wanted to fetch my other pals to their cribs. And last month i wanted to watch a gig of my good old friends' band and at the same time, my other pals set up a reunion at the mall. if its family business, ill skip everything i stated there and go for some family business babeyh. but then again, u cant really decide when your pals keep creeping on your inbox and sent out words like, "if u dont come ill bite ur ass off!! haha" or an emo one like ,"i tot we were old friends....lets meet up XD!". that's pure lolness.and pathetic too. well i kinda sound like i hated these guys so badly. as a matter of fact, i dont. no really. i love them. thats why i hope i can please everyone's side. as in. everyone. well that doesnt make sense.

Sometimes i feel like building a clone factory and produce like a hundred of asyraf and make the world a living hell. It is odd for me that some people have this urge-ness to spend times with everybody that they wish they could. But the truth is that they can't just do that. It is just impossible to please everyone at the same time. You can't go to a dinner date and at the same time, go to the movies with your pals. Well, unless you can split your soul in two, let the world go round and do that until it stops spinning.

I figured that priority is like a man of machines. or cyborgs. you know, the one that terminates people with priority given on certain targets. the one with the funny skull-like head and everything. well life isnt like that though. i wish it was. if it is, then life would be so rigid that people would act like they are brain-dead. following priorities all the time like nerdy kids or fancy knights. maybe its time step up into another dimension where people should think that priority is like a manufacturing factory. you know, keep producing actions and never lost with words. then people would have high goals. and big priority. then we could please everybody.maybe not at the same time.but certainly in many times.

Well, having to think twice, maybe this is not about pleasing everyone isnt it, or maybe it is.who knows.perhaps its more of a "ill be in your needs like you'll be in mine" kinda thing. or its like a tolerance-ness process of give and take. ahh i dunno.i just wanna live long and get some gruesome moments with these guys.uh!