something that my dad posted on his fb and it caught me for a minute, well i felt that this is so him

‎"It is impossible to express love with words, for love is an emotional state that can be understood only by the lover"

kenape saye lame hilang (rants and random opinions)

sebab saye kat toronto. ha. ok lawak kapow.

but seriously, i've been superbly busy. all the free time that i've got was weekends. and that would be, from 9pm to 2am, strictly saturday. i would chill, watch movies, go to the cinema, eat sushi, or whatever that would stay me away from books and notes. the reason is, when you study six to seven hours straight, you will have this sensational feeling in your brain. then, it recuperates with a feeling of animosity towards what's these knowledge have to do with your freaking future? then, your brain will slowly boil and melts like a cotton candy stickin on your tongue..and you would wanna lick it so

But my point is, my brain will go fully functional over a lengthy concentration span if i can get the right niat (pronounced 'niah' as what the sheikhs pronounced). and at the end of the day. after all those works. after all those all nighters. after all those memancing (this would be penahanan diri untuk sedar and fokus dalam lecture tapi tersengguk jugak). after all those wars waged. after all those sacrifices. I wouldn't care less about my results. because i did it. i did the leap of faith. and you were gonna say 'what?'. cuz i'm gonna say; yeah, ooo yeah

p/s: i'm getting more wackier everyday.due to excessive knowledge input.but yeah, i tend to dream. you know what? i wanna build an empire.