Idealistic and Realistic

Its been a year since I graduated. And I have barely learned enough. I'm still struggling, trying to comprehend the meaning of vision. Do I see myself in the future as to what I am doing today. Because to see myself in the future, I have to be in total honesty upon what I'm doing right now. And to be honest,  I'm not exactly sure what specifically I want. I guess I'm pretty okay doing what I'm doing right now. But deep down inside, I know that it just doesnt express myself fully. There is still something missing in this pursuit.

We all had the ideal vision after graduation. To make a change in [insert your career field]. But when you start working and when you understand the reality of the environment, it feels impossible to make the change and to be the change. We all had taken aback by the realism of internal and external political issues, economic corruptions, misuing power and etc. We feel down, we feel powerless and most people would just accept the situation and follow the flow. Yes, people GIVE UP. Thats the thing. People might say I'm too idealistic or accuse me as an elitist. Well not really. Im just pissed that people can actually accept mediocrity. When faith thought us to have faith, we excuse ourself because we just can't take the punches.
The truth is, I do not want to be in the state of mind of accepting mediocrity. And I do recognize how hard it is to make the change. The obstacles that perpetually pressure our idealistic efforts, thats a hard thing to swallow on a daily basis. But the way I see it is that the MAIN issue was never about the situation or the issues per se or the disadvantageous environment. It is OURSELVES. You and me. Our state of mind. Our collective ideas and exposures. The things that we see and touch and feel everyday. The knowledge that we let in to our minds and our hearts. The little things in life that we acknowledge and the big things in life that we pursue. The sums of all this made up who we are. And to be mediocre in our pursuit in this life is a CHOICE. You can choose to be strong and you can choose to be weak. You can choose to let the fear covers your minds and hearts or you can choose to acknowledge, get over it and find a reason to believe that there is a brighter side of the world.

My mother told me once: if you feel too weak to overcome an ordeal, know that Allah is greater and He helps whom he wills. So trust him unquestionably. And implore him passionately.  And He loves His servant whom trust and ask him wholeheartedly.  Because Allah wants to give. You didnt ask for a home, a parents, the fresh air, the trees and mountains. But yet He gives. So ask him to lead you to the right pursuit and to be istiqamah in the pursuit.

Allah said in the Quran:
"If Allah helps you, none can overcome you. If He forsakes you, who is there, after that, that can help you?" [3:160]