research 101: cara berfikir

i was procrastinating with facebook while there's a draft essay due tomorrow and i came across something: a debate between mr A and mr H. its really ironic in terms of the way they exchange their thoughts. Oh, believe me, i may not know mr A that much, but at least i know what he's good at; religion. and from what i heard from peeps around, mr H do have 'a huge chunks' of knowledge of religion too. but he's kinda, ill say 'liberal', in the way he thinks about stuff. or God. or not. i dont wanna have preconceived judgments.

And so mr A talks about advertising by putting 'hot chicks' besides a product. well, i know his trying to point out that these ads are trying to take advantage of human's weakest point - nafsu. he compared these and that and so on. and so mr H tries to rebuttal by saying that even toothpaste have different colours of packaging or something. probably something conservative in a way that the purpose of those ads are just simply being attractive ads! well. if thats the case. theres nothing wrong with putting pretty woman with huge breast on ads isn't it?

Well i think that the way we think probably is the best 'gestures' on how we interact with opinions. If you put religion, as in, Islam, or maybe Quran, or whatever, as your medium of judgment or thoughts, then your preconceived ideas would be totally different than thinking the most logical way of how things work. Dude, i mean, really, like, seriously? you cant even live in this world with sanity if logical is your benchmark of thinking. i mean, okay, how does the earth forms itself? like, did it just happened? did it just coincidentally form due to some big bang theory? google that up if you must. but i must say that science doesnt tolerate with everything that past us by. while logical thought is just another word of extrapolating your conscious mind without taking faith into consideration.

Bias or perhaps immatured thoughts does have its ruling in how we think. or act. i mean, when you judge something, do you open up your thoughts? or you're just like, dude, im-not-taking-faith-into-this-mess-cuz-i-dont-even-believe-in-that-kinda-shit kinda thinking

really, i may not know you, but lets not point up fingers. perhaps as im writing this up, even i do have biases on that piece of crap. who knows? we live under metaconscious ideas that really shape up our thoughts. i hope you find your way through hell. or heaven. whichever you want to go. or if u ever believe in it.

the truth is..

that i'm so pissed off for not having to go to turkey with my family next month, that im gonna spend like hell in winterbreak.brazil? usa? argh!!

p/s: i love getting busy every week doing 3 assignments, 2 midterms, 3 problem sets oh and an essay.lets do that again next week! yippee love sarcasm.and sociology sucks