Who are you?

It's not possession, it's appreciation. But before that, there's you. To receive and to give you. To sacrifice the old you making way for the new you. To revisit, revive and renew that hope within you. If you can give yourself good things and accept yourself the good things, then you might understood the idea of giving to others. When you give to others, the one whom benefits the most is you. You are the sum of all that give-and-take transactional experience. You gave to yourself way long before you gave to him or her. That is why, you must start with yourself. And how do we give ourselves and accept of what is given to ourselves? We must learn how to be a servant to Allah. When you serve Allah, you are teaching yourself to give love to yourself and to accept love to yourself. And when you understood that, you became a master of yourself. No longer you do things for the desires and misconceptions of the surroundings - rather, you have the freedom to choose to do anything without distractions. And since you have taught yourself to become a servant of Allah, you chose Allah. And when you choose Allah, you can give goodness without looking back. Because you had everything you ever wanted or needed. It is Allah.

But bear in mind, the path to Allah is not an easy path. It is very bumpy, full of unexpectable obstacles, and your faith will be tested. And what is faith? Faith is when you can't see it, but you know its right because you learn it, you were taught about it and you can feel it. But you dont have to see it. Like Allah. You dont see Him. But you learn the Quran, you were taught the hadith to understand the Quran, and you can feel the presence of Allah by reflecting. There are many ways to reflect on the Quran or the creations of Allah on this very earth - but everything will point back to yourself. When you see billions of stars on the sky at night, it shows you how small your problem is, how small the events of your life compared to the events of how Allah made all the ever-expanding universe and the billions form of stars and planets. It just points out to you that despite of all that magnificent creations, Allah still puts his attention to you, teaches you and takes care of you. As for us, we don't remember Allah enough eventhough we have only one creator. You see, every sense of reflections will point to us back.

That is why our views on things matter. That is why we need to reassess how are we looking at things. Through which lenses are we viewing the whole idea of life. Life starts not when you start to care about your surroundings or the people with you. Life starts when you start caring about yourself. The very own you. So dig deep and ask yourself: what is my purpose of life? Things will go shaky, but you will revisit yourself with this question again, and again. But I already know what we will be revisiting. It will always be the same point. To be a servant of Allah. And when you serve Allah, you will have all the resource and power to give to anyone in this world. And that is how to care about others.