How far can you go?

I ran 14 laps yesterday, the usual number. Approaching the last lap, I decided to push for another 2 laps. After those 2 laps, I decided to push for another 2 laps. Again and again until I reached 21 laps. I sat and I thought of it. The cliché was to keep running until you can see what's there for you over the horizon. The thing about hardship is to push for that extra laps and just imagine of the opportunities that you will find upon reaching the end line, or I would rather say the fictitious end line, because it was never there in the first place, its just something that we hope to get us going. The thing is, how far can you go and how bad do you want it. I want many things but I need validity why am I doing it. God it feels great to actually put effort on something and to get something out of it. But it feels better to actually love what you're doing

Right now, I have no idea what I want to do. But I clearly have this degree thing and I still want to see how far can I go with this thing called engineering. Weird thing is I have no clue if I'll love doing what I'll be doing.

Ever heard of the infamous Stanford's marshmallow experiment? A child was shown a marshmallow and was allowed to eat it. The second option was to wait for some time and be rewarded for another marshmallow. It was a longitudinal study and results indicated that children that wait long enough to get the second marshmallow actually succeed on their adults life in terms of academic achievements.

I think the key is to not be jailed with the current state of emotion. Emotion drives people to do weird things, irrational things. And then there's patience. Well I think I'm gonna wait long enough to see if I can get the second marshmallow. I'm not gonna stop now but I'll wait long enough to decide if this is gonna be worth it. And if not, I guess I'll have to make a leap of faith. May Allah help me to find barakah and passion in what I want to do or discover!

p/s: I don't know why but I just had this mindset that passion and career is like love at first sight. Or maybe not.