Maybe the nafs is not designed for this world and all that is in it. Maybe it was designed for something greater. Maybe that's why the wealthiest person in this world never felt satisfied with whatever the world has to offer. Maybe Allah has created the nafs for the afterlife after all.


ABL: Always Be Learning

I think I can somehow make a temporal conclusion on this one thing that had repetitively came across in my life. Heedlessness: it kills my soul. This happens in a very much cyclical process every year - if I have no clear goals, I will succumb to the pleasure of comfort zone in which I will turn into a species called 'lewa'. I believe, this lewa thing has a very concrete connection with heedlessness. I will not care about whatever was my ultimate goal in life, I will not give a damn about what's gonna happen, I will put everything at the very last minute and I will have the laziness of a sloth or probably worst.

Usually, it happens when I did not prepare for my forthcoming situations of being in a state of no pressure, which is obviously post-exam situation. I have no assignments, no exams, no study or in a better frame of mind, I have no pressure. Your momentum is like dominos, if you routinely push yourself to work hard to achieve result, you will have no problem to work hard on anything whether its brainpushing assignments or crazyshit workouts - until that very last piece of domino topples over. And so, my undergrad life ends in 2 weeks and by that time, the last piece of domino will topple over. Thus, my mission is prepare for the ever continuation of that last domino piece: to do a five year plan in order to gain momentum to keep on going if I ever wanted to be that 1% of the world population that can make at least a slight change for the betterment of the future.

Key things to figure out after exams:
1. Create subgoals that leads to the ultimate goal
2. Create strategies that can help in achieving the subgoals, in which the ultimate goal can be achieved
3. Find weaknesses that can be a drawback for self-improvements
4. Identify strengths that can be utilized to its full capacity

Life is a process of Always Be Learning. A lot of people celebrate the end of undergrads because they don't have to do all those allnighters or exam crammings - and of course I do feel the same way. Its such a pain in the ass. But this pain in the ass is gonna be worth it. wehoo