eid eve.

ring ring. Rizal woke me up. it was 11 am. saturday. okay the plan was to go to Chinatown at 9am and pick up groceries for eid menu. and i was fading away from the realms of today by daydreaming. or sleeping. anyway, i rushed. bathed for 5 minutes. trying to fit the contacts into my eyes. okay thats taking too much time. screw the contacts. took the glasses and head off to the streets to catch a tram.

so there wasnt gonna be any chinatown trip. they bought the stuff already when i was sleeping. darn them. ok that shudve been my fault ahah so what. so we walked up to the parliament street in the need of getting some halal butchery. the chicken was there. laid off. waiting for the right guy to pick it up. "8 whole chicken. 12 pieces," i said numbly.ignorantly. without having the thoughts of whats going to happen next. in the mean time, i decided to go to the no frills. a carrefour-like market. bought some more ingredients for the eid menu.

so then i walked back into the halal butchery shop. took my chicks. and that sudden moment just took my breath away. i forgot to ask the butcher to not to take the skins out. i love skinny chicks! lol. i meant to say is that i love chickens skin. im a malay anyway. cholestrol's my bestfriend. and nobody gives a damn.ahah. anyway after painfully regretting our notions that we forgot, i mean, I forgot to tell those chicks-killer to not to let take the skinss off, i shrugged. and let the time passed by. we took off with bags full of ingredients. which will be used as our cookingness.youth style.ahah.

backpain. 4 pm. i had to snug off my pure lazyness so that every inches of my work can be done. hence, i slept. ok that was lazyness.

10 pm. raya eve. it would be an oyster marinated fried chicken. luke and reese was getting their hands on the chicks.with sugar, spice and everything nice, they made a wonderful marination of
chickenation.hands up for the youth nation.lol. anyway we wrapped up and promised to wake up around. what. 6am? yea something like them. just to cook em.

so around 6.30 i woke up and pray to god. hoping for a better life. but that wasn't enough. we started to cook our eid foodies for a better today. and yes it was. they love the food. i love it. it looked ugly but hey wth they finished it all up. so the open house was a blast with everyone coming in and out. which was held after eid prayers of course but its just life when people come and go and we just really don't care about it as long as it made the event an Event.

i think life matters when people starts to apologize. it becomes better when we really mean it. i mean. we mock each other. we apologize. we mock each other again. its like an ecosystem of human stabbing themselves for fun. but i know in the end, it will be a nation of apologize-ness. i hope so.

Salam Perantau 2009 =)

Just be Okay, Okay?

life's like a carousel,
eternal spin without knowing when's the end,
I gazed on the shining sky of the night,
just by looking at the moonlight,
I can feel you're stealing the limelight,
and I can let go,
because I love this very feeling,
of knowing you're gonna be okay,
its like the catch of the day,
or the sight of yesterday,
where everybody knows,
but nobody cares,
because they know you're gonna be okay.
Yet people keep grueling on things,
that doesn't even make sense,
and still i don't give a damn,
i'll just wash my heart to damp,
i'll stick by my prayers,
for your life gone to better,
as long as life keeps bitter away,
once i heard that,
my better,
is better,
than your better,
and you said that,
to the people that,
clings your head to the east,
shook your mouth where it speaks,
or shiver your hands to the lands,
but you just look even better.
with someone else or not this very night.
and you're just gonna be alright.

not too late to wish happy ramadhan i guess. happy ramadhan.